For many years I have been taking photos for my local theatre DE KOM. It began when my children had their end of year performances. My local photo club also were active in taking theatre photos in exchange for yearly photo expositions, so naturally I joined the group. Over the years I developed a lot with the improvement of cameras from analogue to digital. Nowadays it's a question of high enough ISO and good lenses/body. DE KOM uses my photos for their website, their yearly programme book, yearly reports, pamphlets, posters and other PR. In return I get to see a performance and receive VIP treatment. I also enjoy watching the children perform, be it in musicals, theatre, dance, music and singing at the end of their year shows they worked for, parents, grandparents and friends in the audience.
There are way too many photos to show here - but I have a large selection for you to scroll through.  In December 2022 I won First Prize in their 10 years in DE KOM photo competition and got to go to a season full of performances in the Kleinezaal - lots of great artists!
Click on each photo for best viewing. 
Random sequence over the years.
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