RPS - Viewfinders “Weekend Wonder Walk”
Brussels May 18th – 20th 2024
Saturday 18/05
- Brussels and the EU Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark. (Southeast Brussels) Walk or short metro  ride from the centre) + Leopoldpark / EU buildings 
- Dinner together
Sunday  19/05
- “This is Brussels” Start at Parc metro station. Royal park, Palace, Mont des Arts, (via “Old  England” – a pretty art nouveau building), Gallerijen, Grote Markt / Beurs. Back up to Sablon,  then down again to Marolles/Brigitines (rollerskate park en route), rue Blaes - rue Haut / up lift to Poelaert (it was closed!)
Monday 20/05
- Brussels Art-Nouveau. Southwest Brussels. Walk from Maison Hannon via Châtelain to Solvay House via some of Brussels Art Nouveau buildings (facades only) 
- Canal area and Tour en Taxis (Walk from the city centre) ​​​​​​​
Click on each image for better viewing:
This is just a very small selection of the approx 2,000 photos I took over the three days. Brussels is an excellent city for photography.
Thanks very much to the 'guides', the local Viewfinders photo club members, for taking such great care of us. Some of them are also RPS Benelux Chapter members - it was a great opportunity to meet.
See the RPS Benelux Chapter web pages for photos by the other photographers
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