The Dutch Railway Museum - Spoorwegmuseum - is celebrating its 150 years as a train station.  
I photographed the official opening on 24th April 2024.
There are three rooms full of all kinds of interesting history and details about the museum for you to explore, in the main entrance. Photos, items, clothing, drawings and plans of the building. Luggage items, paintings and things to do. You can search for hidden stories.
The Director, Leontien Lems officially opened the exposition and there was an ongoing musical performance by the two very talented - Bobby and Joe - from the Sunshine Society.
Here is a selection of my photos, the museum will receive about 160 of my photos - so maybe you will see some of them online, or in publications!
Director Leontien Lems opens the 150 years Museum Exposition by ringing the bell
Please click on each photo for better viewing:
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