My Royal Photographic Society Fellowship was awarded in the Contemporary Category: "Photography that communicates a visual realisation of a stated argument, idea or concept". 
It requires a panel of 20 or 21 photos that reflects the Statement of Intent and makes a cohesive, consistent and distinctive set of work.
I presented my photos as prints in two rows of ten.
 It is the highest Distinction you can get in the RPS. Please take a moment to read my Statement of Intent (SOI): the photos will mean more if you do so.
I was extremely pleased and proud to be awarded this Distinction on 
27th October 2021
Statement of Intent:
Talking about death is still very much a taboo.
It’s emotional and if you haven’t been touched by the loss of someone close to you, it’s quite possibly frightening.
My intention with this panel surrounding the 18 days my father fought for his life in the Intensive Care unit at the hospital, is to try and break open a conversation. To remove the fear and get the idea out there that death is a part of life, the great circle of life.
Watching someone very dear to you struggle to live, get all the medical assistance available to him and then realise he is losing the battle is extremely difficult.
I brought my camera in at every visit. We were limited to the amount of family members that were permitted to go in at a time, so we took it in turns. My sisters and I got very good at reading the instruments measuring his vital signs. There were many tubes with medicine and food being pushed into his body to help him.
It was awful. Having these photos helps me deal with my grief and puts some perspective on it. It is now many years ago, gradually I have accepted that he is no longer with us. It has taken me some time to get this far, that I can share this body of work. I really feel it is important, especially in the times we have been in. Many families could not visit their loved ones and could not say their farewells. I can’t imagine how hard that was!
Maybe I can help others by sharing my own pain and sadness and get that conversation going. Death is peaceful in the end. A part of life. The end of life.
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